Nana Glen Mum

AWW Kids’ Birthday Cakes July 11, 2009

Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks kids’ birthday cakes

This was one of the first cake decorating books I ever bought.  A great resource I go back to time and again.


6 Responses to “AWW Kids’ Birthday Cakes”

  1. cathy Says:


    I would like to do this cake for my baby girl birthday. How can i have the recipe , you sell it ?
    it’s fantastic, so nice

    Thank you very much for your help,



  2. Katherine Says:

    I am just wondering where you bought this book from, I have looked everywhere and haven’t been able to find it. I have a 9month old and would love to try and make fun birthday cakes for her!

    • nanaglenmum Says:

      Oh, I honestly couldn’t tell you, I’ve had it for years. I know that a few years ago, they combined their 3 kids cake books into one big hardcover version. A lot of newsagents here in Australia carry it, and it is also available at

  3. sara Says:

    i bought the same book from waterstones

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